Sunday, October 16, 2016

Computer use for math

I wanted to be proactive and let all the parents know that starting next week, I will be encouraging students to complete some of their math homework on a computer.  I have learned some new teaching  modalities and learning tools with our new math curriculum that will enhance student learning through different avenues.  I will be assigning some homework to be done at home, on nearly any type of computer or tablet.  They will still need pencil and paper to "figure out" the problem, but the answers will be recorded on the computer.

The practice I am asking the students to do on the computer will not be every day.  I will assign 1-3 homework assignments per chapter.  Additionally, I will encourage "extra learning" in some areas, but the "extra learning" will not be recorded at all and will be used only as individual enhancement.

Your student will be given a sheet of login information again this week, so you can access the website at home.  The website can be pulled up on any device that can access the internet (Computer, notebook computer, iPad, android tablet, iPhone/iPod [not recommended due to screen size]).

If for any reason, your student cannot access the internet at home to complete the homework assignment, time will be given during the next day for the student to do their homework.  Typically the time given will be during recess and non-essential classroom time.  In an attempt to help keep your student honest, I would ask that you make a note in their assignment book if it was NOT POSSIBLE for them to complete their homework on a computer due to a family decision.

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