Thursday, October 20, 2016

Math Homework on computer

I wanted to let you all know that tonight's math homework will need be completed on the computer.  We have started it in class, and several students did not finish it at school.  They should try to finish it at home today.  Again, any device that connects to the internet will work for homework, but smartphones are not the best choice, due to screen size (but yes they will work if you are desperate).

All students are bringing home a sheet to assist with logging in, but here are the details.

(on this page, they will need to login)
You will need the following school information to access your student's account
Your student's username is initial of first name then last name (ex. John Doe will be jdoe)
The password is the same for everyone: Killian

From there, they should click on "Things To Do" and start their homework.

Please let me know if they cannot complete their homework due to a family decision with the use of technology.  I will allow them to finish it (without penalty) during non-essential class time and recess time tomorrow if completing it at home is not possible.



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