Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 10 Newsletter

I am truly looking forward to conferencing with each family next week.  I will do my best to show which areas your student is excelling, and which areas may need additional assistance at home.  As always, if you feel there is something that we need to discuss before or after conferences, do not hesitate to contact me. Click here to find my conference schedule.  

Now that we have finished our Young Peacemakers curriculum, we will starting a new bible curriculum (Purposeful Design) which will last for the remainder of the year. We will study the basic doctrines of the Church. With this curriculum we will get to the heart of what God's message is and how it applies to each and every one of us.  Students will have homework several times a week from this workbook.

If your child is unsure of their address, please review it with them tonight. They will need to know it for an assignment we’ll be doing in class. If they do not know it, please have them write it down in their assignment book tonight, so they can refer to it when needed for the assignment.

Last week, I assigned the next book report which is due in about a month.  They should try to finish the book within the next couple weeks, by December 1.  This is a fun report for many students.  They are going to be a character from a realistic fiction book.  Their “report” is a presentation as the character of their book.  I explained the book report to them last week.  Here is the information sheet that I sent home last week.  The realistic fiction book should be more than 125 pages.  It should not be a book from a series, nor a graphic novel.  Their Character Day Presentation is on Dec. 8.

Current bible verse:  "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  John 8:32 (Test on Friday)

What we are studying this week:
Bible: God's word is truth (verse test on 11/18)

Grammar:  Prepositions (of, off, on, out, outside, over, past, through - QUIZ on Friday)

Math: Ch. 2 Test on Wednesday - Begin Ch. 3 Multiplying 2-digit numbers

Reading: Case of the Missing Lunch Skill: Cause and Effect

Science: Unit F: The Body’s Delivery Systems - Respiratory System

Social Studies: Finish Native Americans Report and Explorers of the Pacific Northwest

Writing: 6+1 writing traits: Organization

What's coming up:
Nov. 21/22  - No school - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Nov. 23-25  - No school - Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 8 - Character Day (Realistic Book Report)

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