Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 9 Newsletter

As the weather changes this time of the year, encourage your student to wear appropriate clothes to school. I will encourage all students to wear their coats to recess on cool days.   Please make sure you give them the opportunity to bring warm clothes to school every day.

This week, I will assign the next book report which is due in about a month.  They should try to finish the book within the next three weeks, by December 1.  This turns out to be a fun report for many of the students.  They are going to be a character from a realistic fiction book.  Their “report” is a presentation as the character of their book.  I will be explaining the book report to them this week.  Here is the information sheet that I will send home later this week.  The realistic fiction book should be more than 125 pages.  It should not be a book from a series, nor a graphic novel.  Their Character Day Presentation is on Dec. 8.

Sometime in the first part of December, we will be participating in the preliminary classroom evaluation portion of the National Geographic Geography Bee which is open to grades 4-8 nationwide. (There is no grade associated with this!) If your student would like to visit the website to prepare or study, there are sample questions located at . Again, this is an optional activity, but all students will be asked the preliminary Bee questions.

This week's bible verse: Review of all 6 verses (Test on Thursday)

What we are studying this week:

Grammar:  Prepositions (during, except, for, from, in, inside, into, near QUIZ on Thursday)

Math: Ch. 2 - Multiplying one-digit numbers with regrouping, test Thursday

Reading: Case of the Missing Lunch Skill: Character study

Science: Unit F: The Body’s Delivery Systems - Respiratory

Social Studies: Native Americans Report and Explorers

Writing: 6+1 writing traits: Organization

What's coming up:
Nov. 10 (8:30-10:30) - Honored Guest Day
Nov. 11 - No school - Veterans Day
Nov. 21/22  - No school - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Nov. 23-25  - No school - Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 8 - Character Day (Realistic Book Report)

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