Thursday, January 12, 2017

Changes due to Snow Days

Happy Snowy Thursday!

I wanted to a heads-up on some changes due to these snow days.

First, due to the time it takes to prepare for leading Chapel, we will not be ready on January 18.  The new date that we will lead Chapel will be on Feb. 8 from 9:00-9:25.  This will be a K-5 chapel, if you have students in other grades, they will be there as well.  Please plan to join us if you are able.

Second, I am cancelling our Bible verse test over Isaiah 40:8.  Once we return to class, I will collect the homework from the current chapter, but then begin a new chapter.

Lastly, our current book report is still due on January 25.  I handed out the information on Tuesday, but if your student didn't bring it home, or they were absent, you can find it here (note: it's two pages).  Please read the info sheet carefully, since there are three distinct parts to this book report.  The proposals (the second sheet) are due once we return to school.

Until I see you all again, stay safe and warm...and HAVE FUN!

~Mr. K

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