Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 17 Newsletter

This week, your student will turn-in the latest book report assignment.  For this project, they will have three parts that are due on Wednesday, January 25th.  First, they will present any project they created, from the signed proposal.  Second, they will turn in a 8 to 12 sentence summary of their book.  Lastly, they will turn in a 4-6 sentence recommendation which will be displayed in the classroom for others to see about their book.  The information sheet is attached here.  Each student will present their project.  It should be around two to four minutes in length.  Please encourage them to practice what they will say for the time.  If they are done talking about their project and still have time remaining, they should tell something about the book (give a summary, tell their favorite part, describe a character, etc.)

This week your child will need to go to the library and/or check online for resources for their wax museum speech . Wikipedia is not an acceptable resource because it’s not always reliable information. I will also be giving each child a resource to use and it’s possible that it could be identical to one of the resources they found on their own. All resources need to be in class by this Thursday. Next Monday and Tuesday, for homework the students will read over their information, and you as a parent will be asked to help them identify what contribution their character made to the West. This will be the main emphasis of the speeches. Some children have difficulty pulling out this information so I’m asking you as parents to help your child with that part of the project.  If your child wants to begin reading over their information this week I would highly encourage that. The more familiar they are with their character the easier the note-taking will be for them.  The note-taking and rough draft writing will all take place in class.

On Feb.17, we are going to Fort Clatsop in Astoria to learn more about the Lewis and Clark Expedition on an experiential field trip.  Due to the distance of this field trip, the students will need to arrive early to school this day.  So, if you have a carpool group, please plan to notify them as soon as possible.  We will start to load the bus at 7:45 and depart shortly after.  We should arrive back to school in time for carpool.  If you want to chaperone the field trip, the Room Moms will email details soon.

In science, we have started a new unit on magnetism and electricity.  In one of the science labs soon, they will need to use 2 D-size batteries.  Please send them to school with your student in a labeled bag and they will return in about a month.

Hopefully you got my note last week that our Chapel has been postponed until Feb. 8.  Please plan to join us that day, if you can.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.  Deuteronomy 31:6 (Quiz on 01/24)

What we are studying this week:
Bible: God is Omniscient
Grammar:  Verbs
Math: Begin Ch. 4 - Division
Reading: Novel studies groups continue.
Science:  Magnet and Electricity Unit
Social Studies:  Lewis and Clark Unit - Who were they?
Writing:  New unit:  6+1 writing traits: Voice

What's coming up:
Jan. 25 - Fantasy Book Report due
Feb. 7 - Oregon Symphony field trip (10:00-12:30)
Feb. 8 - Our Chapel Presentation (9:00-9:25)
Feb. 17 - Fort Clatsop field trip (7:45-3:00)
Feb. 20 - No School - Presidents Day
Feb. 21 - No School - Teacher Development Day

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