Friday, February 3, 2017

Chapel presentations due to school closure


Since there is no school today, can I ask you to help your child with the following to help prepare them for our chapel presentation on Wednesday?  It can be done ANY time before Monday, but if it is done by Monday, we can spend our time ironing out any other wrinkles in our presentation.

Each child has been working on a Google Slide for their Proverb.  What I need each student to do is to find one to three appropriate clipart pictures to add to their Slide.  Here is a small list of what I find appropriate:
  • It helps with the understanding of the Proverb
  • It doesn't move (no .gif)
  • No words are included
    • The audience will read those words and miss the meaning
  • It is not mean
  • It is doesn't have death or blood

Here is a step by step tutorial for them to follow:
  1. Open the presentation
  2. Go to their individual slide
  3. In a seperate tab Google Search (it is easiest with Google) the image you want. 
  4. Find the appropriate image, and right click to "copy image"
  5. Go back to the presentation slide
  6. Right click "paste" in the box that says "Click to add text"
    1. Don't worry, "Click to add text" goes away when it is presented.
  7. Resize and position as you wish
  8. Repeat to up to three images.
    1. One or two images are best!

Thank you for your help with this!

~Kevin Killian

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