Friday, March 10, 2017

Thank you!

I want to take just a moment to thank you all for the generous birthday celebration and gifts.  I am sure that yesterday your students told you about the exciting end of our day, but if they didn't, this is what happened...

All of the sudden, I was teaching all about elements and compounds, AND I started to smell something that piqued my interest.  So, I investigated to find a couple parents had bought A LOT of Red Robin french fries and they were standing outside my room.  I quickly invited them in, since I have a little bit of a problem with Red Robin french fries.  The students quickly put away their science books and enjoyed the fries with me.  But, then, things became exponentially better...they brought Campfire Sauce!  If you have not had a chance to try out that sauce, you should.

Thank you to the Mauria Cartmill, Shannon McGuire, and Val Clarke for making the magic happen in my classroom yesterday.  And, thank you to all the parents who blessed me with the wonderful gift cards for my birthday.  I feel very honored that you allow me to teach your children.

Thank you all!

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