Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 23 Newsletter

Your student’s Wax Museum speech is due (via Google Classroom) anytime on Tuesday.  I may make minor edits to clean it up one last time, but they should start to memorize it ASAP.  They will begin reciting their speeches next Monday, though some students may not be chosen until Tuesday or Wednesday. The sheet I sent home last week lists what the speech will be graded on when it is presented in front of the class. This week and next, your child will also need to plan their costume. Please look around your house for things that can be used or check out Goodwill for great costume pieces, if needed. On the night of the program, students will need to arrive in my classroom at 6:30, and there will be a display of their art starting at 5:30 in the gym.

If your child is playing their recorder in the program they need to bring it to school this Tuesday, labeled with masking tape and their name. Next week they’ll be used them during rehearsals so they’ll need to bring the recorders back to school on Monday for those.

This just in...literally.  As a class, we have earned enough compliments to earn a Read-In!  They have chosen to have the Read-In on Wednesday 3/8.  They can come to school in relaxing clothes (modest PJ’s, robes, slippers in the classroom are fine), bring two items (pillow, blanket, stuffed animal), and bring a book to share.  We will have limited lessons this day and read more than normal.  For this day only, I will record reading minutes they can use on their reading log.  I will send you an email on Wednesday to let you know how many minutes they read that can be recorded.

Our next field trip will be on Thursday, March 23rd. We’ll be going to the Will- Stauffer farm which is a historic farm connected with Aurora Colony, in Aurora. The students from past years have LOVED this field trip. They do jobs around the historic farm that children would have done back in the mid to late 1800’s.

Current bible verse:   For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. Romans 3:23-24

What we are studying this week:
Bible: The Sin Nature (Verse Test on Friday)
Grammar:  Begin Nouns unit
Math: Begin Ch. 5 - Factors, Multiples, and Patterns
Reading: The Raft - Character study
Science:  Properties of Matter - states of matter
Social Studies:  Oregon Trail - Westward Expansion
Writing:  6+1 writing traits: Word Choice

What's coming up:
Mar. 8 - Read-In!
Mar. 17 - Patriotic Performance and Wax Museum (7:00-8:30pm)
Mar. 23 - Aurora Colony field trip (9:15-2:00)
Mar. 24 - No School - Grading Day (End of 2nd Term)
Mar. 27-31 - No School - Spring Break

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