Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reminders for Monday

There will not be a newsletter sent out this week. 

The end of the year is nearing, here are three things you need to remember for Monday.  
  1. Game Day
  2. Pancake Breakfast / Talent Show
  3. Bring a bag (or two)
Game Day
The students have earned a game day due to the number of compliments we have received this term.  All students are encouraged to bring a (non-electronic) game. Please help them limit the number of items they bring, because they will be bringing a lot home...see point #3. 

Pancake Breakfast / Talent Show
Starting around 8:30 on Monday morning, the students will have a time of fellowship and eat pancakes together. I encourage any parents that are around to sit and eat with us too, it's a fun way to end the year. After eating, we will sign yearbooks, then several students will showcase a talent. This is a very low-key event, so some silliness may ensue. :)

Bring a bag
The students will be taking home all of their items from the classroom on Monday. To bring all of it home, they should bring a reusable grocery bag, or two paper bags.  Please remember they will be bringing home this bag (or two), their backpack, and their game for Game Day. So, think about this situation when deciding which game to bring to school. 



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